Sun Protection and Your Skin Health

A lot of my clients who come and see me at Glenhaven Skincare ask for advice on the best skincare routine to protect their skin in summer. As a skincare expert, it is very important to provide education to my clients on what is best for their skin and most importantly wearing sun protection (or Sunscreen) for their overall skin health and appearance. Sunscreen should always be a vital part of any daily skincare routine and as I always tell my clients, if you don’t consider it important - you are really exposing your skin to pigmentation, premature aging and fine lines and wrinkles.

Let’s focus on the most important points:

No. 1 - Essential Sun Protection

The most important benefit of sunscreen is that it provides your skin with protection against a wide spectrum of the sun’s harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays. Applying sunscreen reduces the penetration of UV rays into the skin, which would generate a variety of skin disorders. Importantly, the simplest and mildest of sunburns can have damaging effects - so it is so very important to protect your skin at all times.

No.2 - Sunscreen Ensures Your Complexion is Even

Substantial sun damage is one of the primary causes of uneven skin tones (such as pigmentation) and the application of daily sunscreen and a great skincare routine helps to prevent those effects.

No.3 - Protection against Pre-mature Aging (fine lines and wrinkles)

All we ever want is to look young and beautiful, with radiantly glowing and health skin. However, substantial sun exposure can result in loss of collagen and elastin which increases fine lines and wrinkles. So clearly, by using sunscreen and having an appropriate skin routine, you can protect yourself from the damaging effects of premature aging or skin aging.

No. 4 - Healthy Skin Overall

Choosing the right products is important and as a Skincare Expert, advising the best products for my clients ensures that your skin is healthier overall when you use sunscreen. It is important to keep you looking gorgeous by ensuring your skin is kept smooth and healthy.

Physical vs. chemical sunscreen

Chemical sunscreen absorbs into your skin and then absorbs UVA and UVB rays, converts the rays into heat and releases them from your body. This sunscreen is ideal if you have blemish-prone skin due to their lightweight formula.

Chemical sunscreen is a great option if you:

  • Are swimming and need a water-resistant formulation.
  • Play sports or sweat a lot during the day.
  • Want a sunscreen that absorbs quickly into the skin.

Cons of chemical sunscreen:

  • Some chemical sunscreens have been known to cause allergic reactions and irritation in sensitive skins

Physical sunscreen acts as a physical barrier between your skin and the sun. Rather than absorbing into your skin, it sits on top of the skin and reflects the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Physical sunscreen tends to be:

  • Less irritating and a better fit for sensitive skin, as their formulations are more natural.
  • Difficult to fully blend into the skin. However, newer brands now offer matte and tinted versions that can give your skin a smooth and even appearance.

Cons of physical sunscreen:

  • More moisturizing, which can feel heavy on your skin.
  • Physical sunscreen might not be the best choice for acne-prone or oily skin.

Physical sunscreens are recommended to be used after micro-needling and chemical peeling treatment. Also, if you suffer from skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema, physical sunscreen should provide you with a non-irritating formula.

Ensuring You are Advised on the Best Sun Protection Products

Sometimes, applying sunscreen daily may feel like a needless step to add to your skincare routine, especially if you are jumping into your car and going to your work/office and returning home, but it is critical in maintaining the health of your skin!

A lot of clients worry about wearing sun protection all day and every day, as they think the sunscreen will cause them to have an acne break-out or make the skin oily, among other skin concerns. As a skincare expert, we always advise appropriate products that give the protection you need and provide great skincare benefits. The products should be balanced or flexible enough to be used each day, as well for a day (or an extended time) at the beach.

From this perspective, our complimentary skin analysis is important to examine your skin and plan your skin routine and provide the most appropriate products for your skin type and the level of sun protection you need.

In summary, effective sun protection decreases your exposure to harmful UVA  and UVB rays, reduces your risk of skin cancer and sun damage. This is very important for your overall skin health!